Our mission

Supporting brands in the luxury goods, cosmetics, and spirits sectors by creating and manufacturing sustainable packaging solutions to enhance your products

Unique packaging designs

And recognized by more demanding customers

What distinguishes us after more than 15 years of existence is this obsession with detail and beautiful materials, this creativity which is our trademark, and which has enabled us to carry fabulous projects.

Upside Creative Solutions, it is all above a solid and passionate team, what we call our talents. It is a responsive team ready to take on unique challenges.

It is a knowledge but also more than ever an innovation laboratory for designing and testing packaging that does not yet exist.

These are strong partnerships with our customers, of course, where the search for solution is a “must have”, but also with our suppliers, with whom we always work on a long-term basis and the biggest respect.

Our locations worldwide

  • 3 showrooms in PARIS, COGNAC & HONG-KONG to be close to you.
  • 1 creative studio in PARIS to design your packaging.
  • 1 production office in China & 1 in Hungary for tailor-made manufacturing and to ensure optimal quality.
  • 1 logistics site in Île de France of 7000 m2

Many partners in France, Easter Europe, and Asia to meet your deadlines and schedule.

Complete control of the production line

We can implement non-standard processes beyond traditional techniques.

  • Perfume developable silkscreen or scratch-off ink
  • Hot stamping, cold stamping, UV offset printing
  • Cutting, laser or micro perforation
  • 3D Embossing
  • Thermoformed moulded fibre packaging solution
  • Biodegradable finish